Readers Note: This diary is based on a variety of fantasies, experiences, and observations created by or related to the author of this diary. Not all opinions, expressions, stories, or experiences are shared or supported by the author/editor, however all must be expressed and explored if we are to understand humanity and find a healthy peaceful coexistence with each other. All feelings are valid. Some are reflections of patients in various psychiatric and residential treatment centers and privacy laws prevent identification. All pages are are copyrighted. Contact information listed above.

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- He Wrote This
- i wonder if you can understand
- the point of no return
- where you come from, child (the wild)
- where I want to be
- Plumber's Dance (sex every night)
- the passion divine
- you asked for hugs
- passions play and ecstacy
- secret fantasies
- I want to love you.
- what would you do?
- the passion of the grind
- so much to offer
- and there you are
- making love
- mean no harm
- cliques and shit
- someone to hold her
- sleeping nude child
- for your child inside
- Birth of the Vampire
- strange
- boy and girl
- what if
- come right here
- For the voyeurs...
- fucking voyeurs
- Merry Christmas
- fingers
- to want a kiss
- love
- do me
- come with me
- no underwear
- hum
- sweet ecstasy
- please yourself
- when was the last time you fell asleep with chocolate on your lips?
- love song for a fat girl
- when was the last time you fell asleep with a kiss on your lips?
- secrets never told
- And Now, The Lips...
- A Letter From a Penis
- Her Brief Love Affair
- conformity complied
- pornolizer (lighten up)
- why can't we just hold hands?
- present (open me gently)
- voyeur's fantasy
- the show
- gift of innocence
- cum again
- cum true
- gratuitous entry
- invitation
- Stop The Bridge, I Want To Get Off! (and I always thought Seattle was such a calm place)
- brief query
- Competition to be stiff in world gangbang championship
- madness
- oh to be from Tennessee...
- philososhort
- erosity 2: sex kitten
- bon appetite
- erosity 3: passion flower
- opiumtv
- erosity 1: love monkey
- in bits we trust
- some day where this diary stands
- many?
- this is a third
- deja vu
- Perversions, The Diary